I’ve assembled some representative samples of my work below, simply scroll down through the images.

Under each I’ve written a little bit about the project and/or capability I’m using the image to illustrate.

scotland in europe

The Scotland in Europe project began as a part of preparations for the 2016 EU referendum. Since Scotland’s resounding Remain vote it’s continued and grown as a hub and resource for evidence based information on Scotland’s relationship with the EU. Above are some of the books and magazine spreads I’ve produced as part of the project. You can find out more (and see the website, which I also designed and built) at scotlandineurope.eu

information design

Finding arresting creative ways to present data is something of a passion, I’ll occasionally create graphics just to illustrate a dataset I find compelling, like the one above. You’ll find more of this sort of thing via my LinkedIn page which is linked in the footer.


To celebrate the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe I partnered with Jenny Wren Creates (whose website I also built) on a fun project where we hi 70 little knitted JenBunnies around the city, each with a unique information card "they’d painted” - the JenBunnies will be returning in 2018, but this year they’re leaving their placards at home.

information packs

As you can see above - wedding stationery doesn’t have to be formulaic, neither does any other infomation pack! If you’ve an event of any sort you need collateral for I’d love to talk through some imaginative (and cost-effective) approaches to print. 

mof3 marketing decision dice

I produced these little gimmicks in the branding of friend’s marketing consultancy mof3 (which I helped create) to highlight one of her engaging blog posts of pro-tips for marketers.

brand implementation

I speak tech, and created a detailed developer-friendly guide for print start-up 1impression to help their team of developers in India craft a site for them that fit the brand (which I’d created)

plays well with others’ (brands)

Work on a range of direct marketing material for Ladbrokes Casino is a solid demonstration of my capacity to exercise my imagination within the constraints of an established brand (even one I didn’t create myself)

branding from scratch?

when Alyn Smith MEP first approached me for help it was with creating a consistent visual look and feel for his constituency communications. It’s evolved since but the  comprehensive guide document I produced then became a touchstone for other providers allowing us all to cerate unified communications.