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Information design work for the European Parliament

European Parliament: Scotland in Europe

The Scotland in Europe project began as a part of preparations for the 2016 EU referendum. I was contracted to Alyn Smith MEP’s team at the time, and looking at the lacklustre UK-wide campaigns for both sides Alyn felt strongly that a compelling, evidence-based Remain campaign specifically for Scotland was needed.

Scotland in Europe continues on as a hub and resource for evidence based information on Scotland’s relationship with the EU. You can find out more and explore the website at

one of a set of social media infographics highlighting the five "big positives" of EU membership The results map Alyn waved during his impassioned "don't let Scotland down" speech to the Parliament

Alyn was proved right in recognising and feeding the Scottish public’s appetite for lively and informed political debate in the wake of the 2014 referendum. The Scotland in Europe campaign is widely credited as a contributing factor in Scotland’s resounding Remain vote: Remain campaigners in Scotland were given a powerful resource to combat rising tides of disinformation at a crucial time. This facilitated vigorous informed public debate through accessible, compellingly presented and rigorously fact-checked materials which clearly cited our sources.

An illustration from the Wee Bleu Book (2nd edition retitled "Scotland In Europe") one of a set of social media infographics highlighting the five "big positives" of EU membership

Anchoring the campaign were a campaigners’ handbook, and a large interactive website. These were joined by: a second book; several magazine spreads; a comprehensive social media campaign; several series of infographics; a long running and well received email newsletter series; and assorted events collateral.

A graphic used in print and digital comms outlining the extent of Alyn's campaigning in the weeks before the referendum

Together with senior policy advisor Dr Adam Marks I was tasked with breaking the vast topic up into manageable sections, finding the compelling narratives in the data about the benefits of EU membership to Scotland, and – crucially – presenting these facts in engaging, accessible, verifiable ways.

one of the illustrations from the Wee Bleu Book (2nd edition simply titled Scotland in Europe)
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