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Information Design: Justin & Karen

When Justin and Karen approached me to produce their wedding invitations they were adamant they didn’t want the usual gilded frills and pseudo-historical feel - it didn’t fit them and it wasn’t going to fit their wedding which was planned as a casual person-focussed event in autumn.

We talked through what the invites actually had to do as a job. Traditionally invites were first and foremost an announcement to their friends and family, but most had already been invited by phone, text or email.

These invites - it turned out - were little information packs: they needed to provide clear and detailed guidance to the venues, outline the specific tone of the event (for example guests were asked to bring a book that meant something to them if they wanted to gift the couple) and they needed to gather a certain amount of practical information back such as dietary requirements and numbers for the reception dinner.

The couple were delighted with these modest A6 satin finish pocket and card arrangement packs. The costs were kept low by using a standard format and simple print. The hated gilt and frills were  neatly sidestepped by modern type and a clean autumnal visual theme, and the end result felt like them. Just like the wedding.

Jutin and Karen's little A6 invite packs contained two double sided information cards on the event itself, where to stay and other details, plus a stamped pre-addressed RSVP card
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