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Fountainbridge Canalside Community Trust: large format information banners

Patrick worked on the design of some large information banners for us. He was clear about the timetable for what we had to provide and by when, and his schedule of what he would provide us with. This was really useful to keep everything on track. His layouts were spot on and again, the results were excellent and very well received.

- Rachel Sedman Development Manager

The banners share a common design visually emphasising the merger, and creating continuity between the three points The 3m wide wind proof construction banners are ideally suited to the site and conditions Each banner has a unique custom QR code directing to a different URL, initially these all route to the Trust's holding page but give the potentially long-lived banners baked in future proofing

the problem

The Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative and Re-Union canal boats were in the process of merging to form a new entity, the Fountainbridge Canalside Community Trust.

The merger was still in progress but a major public event was about to be held on the canal tow-path next to the still undeveloped former brewery. Land the Trust will work to ensure is transformed into a dynamic, characterful community making the most of its unique benefits and diversity.

They needed some clear, bold and eye catching signage to promote and explain their merger and drive public engagement.

the solution

I was able to advise on suitable suppliers and formats, with a wind-proof construction banner print selected as ideal for use at this brownfield site. Working closely with staff and volunteers, content was distilled down into three main banners describing the two merging organisations and the future community development trust and its aims.

Including interactive components like app store links, and custom QR-codes alongside well spaced, clearly written text and bold simple graphics made the banners an ongoing success at the tow-path. Trust staff who work nearby report passers by still regularly stopping and reading the banners months later, and analytics embedded in the QRs allows ongoing tracking of the campaign's effectiveness.

Funder logos, charity information and other funding requirements are carefully incorporated.

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