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Alyn Smith MEP: Data curation

"Patrick has been an enormous help in assisting me with navigating the world of data management, and ensuring that my communications output is performing to the best capacity possible. His know-how and guidance have allowed me to establish myself as an example of best practice in Scottish political circles, helping me to create an accessible, clean and fresh website and communications templates. His ongoing data management and analytics allow me to reach the maximum number of contacts I can in the most strategic way."

- Alyn Smith MP

(Alyn is currently MP for Stirling. He served as a Scottish representative in the European Parliament for four terms from 2004 to 2019)

Each communications campaign was scrutinised afterward for lessons to use on the next Navigating the wealth of analytics for the team meant identifying lessons - like that Alyn personally sharing content on social media gave articles on the website more traction Nationbuilder allowed subscribers to share a lot of information and we had a rich database offering many opportunities to engage meaningfully with subscribers

the problem

Shortly before this project began Alyn’s office purchased the powerful Nationbuilder combined CRM and CMS platform to underpin his website, social media and email communications. The system was incredibly capable but also complex and the team weren’t confident of using it to its full potential.

A constituency database and over 80,000 subscribers had been gathered through sign-ups at events, constituency contacts and a regular newsletter. However Alyn wasn’t seeing the kind of engagement he’d hoped for. Simply amassing data in a powerful system wasn’t enough: the data needed to be curated to be useful, and the system had to be understood to work effectively.

the solution

Working closely with the team we restructured Alyn’s communications and data management.

Data was regularly audited and cleansed, and opportunities identified where the depth of data being gathered allowed for more meaningful communications with constituents. Performance of those communications was regularly measured and reported on with lessons taken from what worked and what didn’t to refine future work.

The team as a whole grew confident in using Nationbuilder, through my one to one training and availability as a trusted expert whenever questions arose.

By intelligently using the data constituents gave us on what issues mattered to them most, and leveraging the tools available to the team, Alyn’s reputation as an engaged and responsive representative grew. Keeping constituents updated on the issues which mattered to them most.

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