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good design for worthwhile messages

Whether you are looking for a logo, or you’ve got data you want your audience to really connect with, good design is the key to getting your message across. It’s also the best way to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

From small businesses to charities and the public sector, if you’re looking for engaging and accessible ways to communicate with customers and stakeholders, I can help. My clients have successfully used my designs to get their messages noticed by the right audience since 2011.


experienced communications advice

Wondering what platforms, channels and media to use? Not sure if print or digital is the better choice? Unsure how to make the best use of your resources?

From auditing your existing communications to making them work smarter, from multi-channel campaigns to making your message resonate – benefit from my two decades’ worth of know-how in print and digital media.

Let’s get your information out there! Get in touch today.

what people say about my work


Alyn Smith

“Patrick’s know-how and guidance have allowed me to establish myself as an example of best practice in Scottish political circles.”

Alyn’s the MP for Stirling, and previously represented Scotland in the European Parliament for 15 years.


Rosemary McLoughlin

“Patrick approached the task with empathy and understanding, sensitive to carers needs and the challenges that often come with sharing personal stories.”

Rosie’s the Deputy CEO of VOCAL ‑ Voice of Carers Across Lothian, an Edinburgh charity which supports unpaid carers.


Avril Mahon

“As a small business reliable suppliers who are interested in helping you succeed are crucial, you can count on Patrick to add value to your brand.”

Avril’s owns Women Run Strong a business offering running events and training for women

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If you’ve seen something you like in my services page, get in touch and let me know. The next step is usually arranging a free consultation chat so we can sort through exactly what you need, and how I can help.

You can email me:, message me via LinkedIn, or find me on Instagram (full disclosure: I kinda hate social media – ironic for a comms guy n’est pas? – but I’m fairly active on LinkedIn, and working on it with insta, any platform with tiny knitted frogs can’t be all bad, right?)

Whichever way you choose to get in touch I aim to reply within a couple of business days, but it can take longer.