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Imagine an experienced graphic designer who also had the information management skills of a librarian, the tech skills of a lifelong IT nerd and years of print buying and marketing know-how.

Hi, I'm Patrick, and that's me! I've been making my living in design, communications, marketing and digital since 2005, but my first career was as a librarian (you never really stop being one…) and I’ve been a tech nerd since before I can remember. Years of happy clients have shown me I've a rare and valuable combination of skills.

I'm an experienced multi-disciplinary design, communications, marketing and digital professional. I can craft a logo to represent a business, build a website, write and edit content, produce videos, develop a social media campaign, a magazine spread, or a product catalogue. I’m especially good at information design: projects where there’s complex data or ideas which need to be creatively handled into eye catching and engaging pieces.

I've several years' experience at managing and administrating cloud platforms, content management and CRM systems. I'm also experienced at delivering frontline ICT support, set-up and training to a wide range of audiences. I'm comfortable working solo or as part of a team and excel at working closely with one or more specialists: understanding their field so I can creatively and effectively communicate their work.

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happy clients

below you can see some of the people I’ve worked for, the kind of work I’ve done for them, and read what they have to say about it


Avril Mahon

logo, websites, branding, branded merchandise, content manager development and deployment

"Working with Patrick is always easy and enjoyable. His wide range of skills and experience and “can-do” attitude have helped me on a wide range of tasks from conception and design of a number of websites, to trouble-shooting on technical issues. He is always available to bail me out and always delivers what’s promised on-time, and on-budget. As a small business reliable suppliers who are interested in helping you succeed are crucial, you can count on Patrick to add value to your brand."

Avril is a Marketing Consultant and the owner of Women Run Strong



Alyn Smith MP

corporate comms, campaign materials, websites, books, event collateral, magazine layouts, brand identity, full-service data curation, CRM & cloud management

"Patrick has been an enormous help in assisting me with navigating the world of data management, and ensuring that my communications output is performing to the best capacity possible. His know-how and guidance have allowed me to establish myself as an example of best practice in Scottish political circles, helping me to create an accessible, clean and fresh website and communications templates. His ongoing data management and analytics allow me to reach the maximum number of contacts I can in the most strategic way."

Alyn is MP for Stirling and served as a Scottish representative in the European Parliament for many years



Derek Green

process design, product photography, image post-processing, web development, database management, websites, branding,

"Collaboration with Patrick has been a key component within the successful repositioning and rebranding process for our client Dee Two. At photo-shoots his “inner-librarian” instinctively takes charge, as he controls and catalogues hundreds of products and shot combinations that are taken over several days. This ensures that subsequent studio-based post-production work runs smoothly and doesn’t overwhelm us. Recently Patrick’s analytical skills have also helped us to shape the direction for Dee Two’s online retail store, that’s currently in development. If you are seeking someone to manage, oversee and interpret data – visually, creatively or otherwise – then Patrick is your go-to person."

Derek is owner and Creative Director of [gawr-juhs] visual communications consultancy



Jenny Blacker

print advertising, website, large-scale unique event publicity

"I’m somewhat of a nightmare customer, never quite know what I want, but can quickly spot what I don’t want. Patrick has regularly taken my vague ideas and produced what my brain was trying to vocalise! The few times it’s not been spot on he’s reworked the item without fuss. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’ve been proud to show off the design work he’s produced."

Jen owns and runs jennywrencreates.com



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